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Welcome back to The Sports Road, ladies and gentleman. The world of sport is changing, and to be honest, it’s getting pretty hard to keep up. With technology impacting each and every aspect of our favourite games, we’re here to tell you exactly what to expect… Enjoy!

Here's what we got for ya today:

  • The Olympics: Big Changes! 

  • Boxing: WHO!?!?

  • F1: A New Era

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The Olympics: Levelling up!

We’re getting closer to that time again, aren’t we… 

The Olympics is back, and it looks like the tournament is set to be bigger than ever. 

Why, you ask? Well, technology, of course! 

Having already announced various new innovations set to be showcased at this year's games, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is not messing about… 

Specifically focusing recent efforts into further engaging fans, innovation seems to be tailored towards our benefit; a plan that – if we’re being honest – makes quite a lot of sense 😅

Let us explain… 

Being the first Olympics in around 6 years to not be disrupted by the effects of COVID-19 (🤯), fans will FINALLY be able to return to arenas. Offering face-to-face engagement, the potential to compel both new and old audiences for this year’s games is huge…

And, it looks like Intel – the Olympics’ official ‘AI Partner’ – has recognised that… Announcing the implementation of multiple new AI-powered systems this week, the Olympics looks to be going to the next level. This is what we know so far:

  • The first innovation is set to revolve around on-site immersive experiences. Created using AI, Intel will allow fans to take a digital journey into the life of an Olympic athlete. Specifically utilising the technology to imitate drills, and match each users profile to an Olympic sport, the firm is truly taking engagement to the next level.

  • In addition to this, Intel will be leveraging its unique processors to display an end-to-end 8K live streaming broadcast experience. Allowing for a faster and more customisable distribution of content, fans can be more connected to the games than ever before.

  • Intel will also be focusing on preserving the legacy of the Olympic games. Particularly focusing on historic moments, the firm will be creating digital artefacts for fans to collect. 

“Our partnership with Intel has propelled us into a realm where emerging technologies, powered by artificial intelligence, are reshaping the world of sport for spectators, athletes, IOC staff and Partners… Through their AI-powered solutions, Intel has enabled us to deploy AI faster than ever before. Together, in Paris 2024, our collaboration will create an Olympic experience like never before, embodying our shared commitment to building a better world through sport.”

Ilario Corna, Chief Information Technology Officer at the IOC

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Oleksandr Usyk x Mike Tyson????

So. Boxing… I mean, where on earth do we even start!?!?

Despite being in a stranger place than ever, surprisingly, the world of Boxing is looking pretty good… 

Coming off a couple huge fights, this weekend saw Ryan Garcia defeat Devin Haney following one of the wackiest fight build-ups we have EVER seen…

Seemingly on the right path, it looks like the big fights are only going to continue… With a battle for the Heavyweight championship being slated for May 18th, Tyson Fury will actually be facing off against Oleksandr Usyk.

But it’s not the Ukrainian’s Boxing ability that has piqued our interest today. It’s actually (can we get a drumroll please 🥁🥁🥁) his Blockchain-backed platform!

That’s right, if you’ve been reading The Sports Road over the last few months, you would know exactly what ‘Ready to Fight’ is…

Co-founded by Usyk, the platform attempts to provide up-and-coming fighters with easier access to training and career advice. 

Specifically allowing boxers to track and share their progress while earning cryptocurrency with every forward step in their career, the social platform lends help in affairs both inside and out the ring.

And, guess what? It just announced a big move…

Signing Mike Tyson as a brand ambassador, the app has strengthened their position in the world of Boxing.

Showcasing the potential for which the app has to change the sport, this partnership could be the first big-name of many for Usyk’s technological boom!

“Mike Tyson’s decision to support us pro bono underscores a genuine belief in the project’s vision: to transform the traditional boxing industry through technology. Tyson’s global fame and influence are expected to significantly boost RTF’s visibility and credibility, attracting more professionals and enthusiasts to the platform. This collaboration also highlights the unique allure of RTF – a project by boxers, for boxers, championing the digital evolution of the multi-billion dollar industry.”

Sergey Lapin, Usyk's Sport Director and Ready to Fight CEO

Ferrari: A New Era… 

The F1 is heating up, ladies and gentlemen…We know what you’re thinking. The last couple months of the F1 have been boring pretty predictable 😅

With Red Bull maintaining a far superior grip on operations than any other team in the mix, the organisation has been able to expertly pool resources into maximising efficiency on the track. 

Characterised by their multiple wins, it’s been really hard to think about where competition could even come from. Until now…

That’s right. Ferrari could be back!

Having signed a deal to bring in legend of the sport, Lewis Hamilton, Ferrari has been meticulously planning their steps for next season. 

Coming to a head this week, the team announced a new partnership with information technology firm, HP.

We know what you’re thinking… While this may not sound as though it is a big deal, there is actually much more to the partnership than meets the eye.

This is what we know so far:

  • In a deal that only stands comparable to Red Bull’s Oracle partnership, according to Sport Business, it is expected that Ferrari will be making close to $100 million. Allowing Ferrari to close the monetary gap between the two teams, many media outlets are claiming this deal to be the beginning of a more even playing field between the two. 

  • Under the terms of this partnership, HP will attain major rights such as that of becoming the official title sponsor of the team. 

  • In addition to branding, Ferrari will be given access into a variety of HP’s technological services. Streamlining tasks related to collaboration and production, this could prove incredibly useful. 

“With technology, performance and exceptional craftsmanship fuelling the future, the partnership between HP and Ferrari is a natural fit… Both brands are built on rich histories that have endured the test of time. Through this unique collaboration, we also have an opportunity to reach new audiences, drive business growth, and create lasting impact for our shared clients and communities. Together we will leverage the global stage of racing to accelerate sustainable innovation.”

Enrique Lores, CEO of HP Inc

We Need to Talk About: LaLiga

Before the Football season started, LaLiga President, Javier Tebas, made a pretty big statement. 

Reiterating his hardline stance against the implementation of goal-line technology, fans were left pretty dumbfounded. 

Being extremely fast and accurate, the technology – unlike others brought into the game – has actually proved extremely useful. 

For that reason, at the start of the year, people were clamouring for its introduction into the Spanish top flight. 

I mean, sure. While it may not be needed every single game, when its use is called for, the implications could be huge…

And, guess what? It looks like LaLiga have figured that out the hard way…

Let us explain…

El Clásico. LaLiga’s, and arguably the world’s biggest Football match. Pitting Real Madrid against Barcelona, the game is historic for so many reasons, but this year it felt just that bit bigger…

Having been on a great run of form, Barcelona – who sat in second place – looked to close the gap on their biggest rivals with a win.

But, it wasn’t to be. Losing out 3-2 on the day, it could have been all so different…

Why? Well, because despite seemingly having the ball over the line, Barcelona were denied a goal…

Sparking huge controversy, fans and Barcelona staff alike are not happy… Even sparking discussions of a replay, this all felt as though it could have been avoided…

“If the club understands that an error was made in the revision of the incident, we will take all available measures to reverse the situation, without discounting, obviously, any necessary legal action… If it is confirmed that it was a legal goal, we will move ahead and we do not discount requesting that the game be replayed, just as has happened in another game in Europe due to a VAR error.”

Joan Laporta, President of FC Barcelona

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