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Football is Taking a Big Step in The Right Direction...

Welcome back to The Sports Road, everyone! Finally – it’s the weekend, and you know what that means… Bringing you the newest in the wonderful and wacky world of sports and technology, you do NOT want to miss this... Enjoy! 

Here's what we got for ya today:

  • Refereeing: BIG CHANGES

  • Mercedes’ Newest Tech

  • The Future is NOW

  • VR, VR, VR

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Let's get into it!

Football: A Step in the Right Direction 

When discussing technology’s impacts on sport, it would be hard to argue against the claim that refereeing has undergone one of the biggest changes across recent years.

Facing the spotlight in what feels like every single game (😅), it seems as though – in Football, at least – despite technological systems promising to streamline and ease pressures on officials, things are just getting worse… 

With multiple leagues right now being plagued by what seems a serious lack of communication, people are getting frustrated. I mean, how many times in the last couple of months have you just seen a decision and thought: WHAT!?

Creating a rift between fans and the played game, this issue is being reflected more and more with studies even finding that over 98% of referees have experienced verbal abuse from either fans, players or managers.

Luckily, that could all be changing…

How, you ask? Bodycams…

Having been trialled across multiple countries – with the English FA specifically placing a focus on its implementation at Grassroots levels – the Bundesliga (German First Division) had become the first major European league to utilise the technology!

This is what we know so far:

  • Recently authorised by IFAB – the international body that determines the game’s laws – the technology was rolled out for the first time in Frankfurt and Wolfsburg’s draw over the weekend.

  • Powered by Riedel, the system is made up of two components: one that sits on the head set, and the second which acts as a comms system head unit which is linked to a transmission unit.  

  • In addition to ensuring neutrality and better communication between fans, players, and coaches alike, the recordings will also be used in an upcoming TV Series made by the DFL (German FA) that seeks to show referees in another light. 

“It’s really important to know what referees think, and how they use this kind of technology and to make sure that we are able to address any concerns that referees might have about how RefCam can be used.” 

Jan Schaffner, Riedel Programme Manager Global Events

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Mercedes: The Future is Bright 

Ah, let’s not beat around the bush. Things aren’t looking too great for Mercedes right now… 

I mean, it’s not terrible – but in light of losing their biggest star, Lewis Hamilton, and seemingly only competing for second place at the minute, it could be better for the eight time world champions…

Unfortunately though, competition has never been tougher.

When considering the vast general improvements teams all around the F1 are experiencing with the gruelling new schedule that is set to host 24 races this year, interestingly, it could be argued that teams need more help than ever.

Using technology, it seems like Mercedes has recognised that. That’s right – this new partnership could be absolutely GAME-CHANGING!

Signing a deal with BetterUp, the Mercedes team is looking to leverage behavioural science data to ensure that drivers will be performing at their optimal mental capacity and well-being. 

Utilising advanced AI systems, BetterUp has successfully created a system in which they can optimise performances through a focus on sleep, nutrition, communication effectiveness, diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and more. 

As part of the deal, it is said that all members of Mercedes team will be granted access to BetterUp’s system. 

“The heart of our performance is our people - every member of our team contributes their tenth of a second and plays their part in contributing to our successes on and off the track… We take pride in our innovative approach to wellbeing and it’s fantastic to be working with BetterUp who is a leader in this space.”  

Richard Sanders, Chief Commercial Officer at Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team

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The Future is NOW

A couple of months back, we spoke about a Lisbon-based startup that goes by the name ScorePlay. Ever since, the app has gone from strength-to-strength. 

Used by sporting greats such as Lionel Messi, Declan Rice, Raphaël Varane, Kevin Durant, and more, the system essentially works to make people’s lives in the sports industry easier…😅 

Specifically, using AI the product aims to make media management clearer to navigate. Acting as an all-in-one centralised media hub, ScorePlay’s platform has allowed multiple clubs and leagues the opportunity to automate their workflow. 

Why are we talking about them today, you ask? Well, Scoreplay has signed a new partnership, and it looks to be extremely beneficial for BOTH sides!

Partnering with Athletes Unlimited (AU) – a network of multiple Women’s sport leagues – the partnership will work to grow both companies.

Shifting AU’s digital presence into one more indicative of a single, consolidated platform, the Women’s sports world could continue to grow even more.

Allowing for increased fan engagement opportunities, content will be easier to access and fans can connect further with their favourite athletes!

I mean, who doesn’t want that!? 

“We are thrilled to partner with ScorePlay…Their technology not only streamlines our digital content management but also aligns perfectly with our vision of innovation and excellence in women’s sports… This partnership is more than a technological upgrade; it’s a statement of our commitment to providing the best possible platform to showcase not only our leagues but the stories of our athletes both on and off the field and court.”

Jenny Jeffries, Vice President of Social and Content at AU

We Need to Talk About: The VR Wars!

Look, if you’ve been on the internet at any point in the last couple of weeks, you would have heard of the Apple Vision Pro.

Being Apple’s big break into the world of Mixed Reality, the system was met with A LOT of excitement – especially in the sports world…

Why? Well, it seemingly is set to open up many doors. From new angles, to multi-game streaming options, and more, it looks as though Apple has singled out sport as a key area in which they can entice new users – something that Meta are most definitely keeping their eye on…

That’s right. Guess who announced a BIG partnership with ESPN this week… Meta!

This is what we know so far:

  • As part of the partnership, both companies plan to ensure fans can be immersed into their favourite games like never before. Specifically, as part of the deal Meta’s Xtadium app will feature a wide ESPN portfolio filled with the NCAA, Basketball, and more. 

  • Using VR capabilities, fans should get ready to be able to view sports in a way that – without Meta’s help – would be impossible… 

  • The two will also be working on creating an ESPN branded digital experience for Meta’s Horizon World.

“Having Meta join the ESPN Edge Innovation Center marks a significant opportunity for us to test, learn, and continue our relentless pursuit of innovation in the ever-evolving sports entertainment landscape… Meta is an industry leader that brings tremendous expertise to a strong group of innovators.”

Kevin Lopes, Vice President of Business Development and Innovation at ESPN

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