The UFC: A Step in The Right Direction

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  • UFC: Levelling up!

  • TGL is Back!

  • The ATP’s Newest Tech

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UFC: Technology For Good

A question: Why do we love the UFC?

Well, although it may sound somewhat trivial, there really is something that is just unbelievably exciting about seeing two of the best athletes in the world go at it to see who’s best.

Unfortunately though, while we may enjoy it, that can often come at pretty serious medical risk. 

Putting their physical health on the line for our enjoyment in every single fight they have, UFC fighters need – and deserve – access to high level health care services; and with the UFC’s newest partnership, that may be a possibility. 

That’s right. Signing on with medical-technology firm, Smith+Nephew, the UFC has their first ever ‘Preferred Sports Medicine Technology Partner’.

Using technology to aid in the repair, regeneration, and replacement of soft and hard tissue, Smith+Nephew could act as a game-changer in combating the gruelling day-to-day injury worries that fighters across the world face.

Utilising the UFC’s many performance centres around the world, fighters will be granted access to Smith+Nephew’s research, training, medical centres, and more.  

Specifically granting benefit in the scope of recovery, those ‘small injuries’ you hear athletes talking about in their post-fight conferences could be no more.

We’re thrilled to have Smith+Nephew join us for the first time as an Official UFC Partner… Through hard work, significant investment, and groundbreaking innovations like the UFC Performance Institute, UFC has become the industry leader in athlete health and safety in combat sports. We’re looking forward to advancing that mission by also promoting better health and recovery through technology solutions, such as those offered by Smith+Nephew, that will benefit UFC athletes and fans alike.”

Robby Miller, Vice President of UFC Global Partnerships

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TGL: The Comeback

Wow, does anyone remember that period of time where it felt like all we were talking about was TGL Golf?

Well, we do – and for good reason! 

Acting as the brainchild of TMRW Sports – a sports-tech firm intent on building a better, more immersive, future for sports all across the world – TGL was founded in large part by Golfing greats Tiger Woods and Rory Mcllroy.

Promising to harness technology in a way that no one could have ever expected, TGL was created with the goal of essentially creating a virtual Golf tournament 🤯. 

Now while that may not sound that crazy on paper, just listen to this. Having already partnered with the PGA Tour, the tournament will be played on a literal virtual course.

Displaying its virtual world across a 64ft x 64ft screen, fifteen of Golf’s current top 20 players geared to play in the tournament, with team owners include Serena and Venus Williams, Stephen Curry, and the Fenway Sports Group – current owners of Liverpool FC. 

Having possessed a huge amount of hype, the tournament – originally slated for January 2024 – was set to have massive implications on both the way Golf is played, and the way we, as fans, consume it. Unfortunately, though, it wasn’t meant to be.

Following a power outage which saw the venue’s roof collapse, the event will need to be postponed last November. Throwing nearly every facet of the tournament into uncertain waters, while there had been obvious worry over the last few months, it looks like things are taking a turn for the better.

Set to finally be played in 2025, this week the firm announced new design upgrades to its dedicated venue, unique rules, and a schedule for which the games to be played on. 

Signing on with ESPN, games will begin on the 7th of January 2025, and will include a ruleset completely designed around its unique nature. 

From having a shot clock, to timeouts, referees, and more, like we have said many times before, you do NOT want to miss this…

Tennis: The Next Step

Over the last few months, there is no denying that Tennis has been doing it right.

Leveraging technology to ensure the sport continues to head into the right direction, the organisations which make up the bulk of the sports following have expertly managed to bring the sport into the future, while maintaining its strong values. 

And it does NOT look like they’re ready to stop just yet. 

Signing on with DreamFight, the ATP – one of Tennis’ biggest organisations – are looking to be proactive in their search to maintain operational sustainability.

This is what we know so far:

  • Offering unique digital experiences, DreamFight’s platform utilises the most advanced leaps in Machine Learning (ML) to allow for deeper fan engagement and new forms of interaction.  

  • Having recently placed an eye on the progression of the sport, the ATP has claimed this partnership to come out of a desire for younger fans to be immersed within the world of Tennis unlike anytime before.

  • As part of the partnership, the ATP will be taking an equity stake in DreamFight. This will act as the firm’s first time diving into early stage venture development – a step which could see a change in the way new technologies are developed for the sport. 

“We’re proactively backing and building the future – not waiting for it to come to us… Our support of DreamFight is part of our wider vision to create the best entertainment experience in the world, with a laser focus on the next generation of fans. Tennis has a global platform to help accelerate that.”

Massimo Calvelli, ATP CEO

We Need to Talk About: The Future

Ah, one normal week. PLEASE! 😂😂😂

As the sports world progresses, it seems as though organisations are consistently pushing the boundaries to see what is and what isn’t acceptable. 

In most cases, while being pretty absurd, these things tend to work out. Just ask Fulham fans…

Now look. Craven Cottage – Fulham’s home stadium – is no stranger to the wacky, more random side of Football. So, as you can expect, this next story isn’t actually that hard to believe.

I mean, we’re literally talking about a stadium that for – no real apparent reason – had a statue of Michael Jackson outside.

What now, you ask? Well, it looks like in addition to being a Football stadium, Craven Cottage will become a luxury Sky Deck. 

We know. Let us explain.

Having been demolished back in 2019, Craven Cottage’s Riverside stand will finally be reopened this year.

Replacing what was once your classic, old-fashioned, English Football stand with a new state-of-the-art ‘premium experience’, Fulham are totally changing the game.  

Including three restaurants, three bars, a roof terrace, and a heated swimming pool, the experience will be unlike anything we have seen before.

“My vision for the New Riverside Stand was to provide our fans, and our neighbourhood, with a destination that would continue to honour our history and tradition at Craven Cottage every day of the year… It’s about offering the ultimate match day hospitality experience in the world that will also benefit the long-term promise and future of Fulham Football Club. The New Riverside Stand at Craven Cottage will make it possible.”

Shahid Khan, Fulham FC Chairman

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Jude Bellingham

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